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1. Are you working in a business that is content with mediocrity, lacking in inspiration and innovative ways to out-manoeuvre the competition

2. Are you tired of working on multi-listed contingent roles and low margin PSA business?

3. Work in a business that has a clear growth strategy, career development and equity participation.

4. Work in a business that has developed a state-of-the-art online hiring platform that helps you make 3X the placements without 3X the effort.

Hiring the right people at 3X Partners is fundamental to the business we are building. Simply put, we cannot achieve a step change and sustained growth unless we carefully select which clients we work with and who we hire.

Setting the bar high in our approach to attracting and hiring the best people will be one of the most important elements to our success if we are to achieve the ambitions we have for the business.


If this sounds a lot like you, we want you on our TEAM.


Even the best consultants need a little support. At 3X Partners we’ve spared no expense ensuring that our team is supported to maximise delivery and efficiencies. We have invested in the latest technology, including a proprietary *state-of-the-art online hiring platform that helps you win RFP's and retained work. Yes, that's retained not flakey verbal exclusives! Our platform fosters transparency in the hiring process and helps us deliver our brand promise of '15 days done' - meaning we help clients fill permanent roles from start to finish within 15 days. 

*built by world class Software Engineers in .NET Core, Bootsrap & Angular running on Azure. Machine Learning and AI to be rolled out in Q4 FY 20.

If you would like to find out more information about your potential future with 3X Partners, please make contact with our Directors by clicking here