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3X Partners is an executive search firm that partners closely with its customers by finding and hiring exceptional people within the Asia Pacific technology sector.

We are committed to helping candidates achieve growth and success by introducing employers and opportunities that match their purpose and goals whilst expanding our client’s businesses through standout human capital and disruptive hiring methodologies.

Brilliant simplicity is what we do best. Our clients admire our insight and innovation. We enjoy challenging their assumptions and hiring methods and collaborating on talent management strategies that help drive competitive advantage. 

Candidate Zone

3X Partners operates a candidate first policy whereby we work hard on your behalf in finding and building relationships with the best employers. We are totally committed to delivering your career and project objectives by partnering to fully understand your unique drivers and value proposition.

Yes we’ll need your expertly written resume and we’ll need to verify your credentials, but that’s where the protocol ends and the personal touch starts.

As a specialist business, we place people rather than simply filling jobs by tailoring a proactive company and project search not limited to only live roles. 

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Client Zone

When three parties (candidate, hiring managers and search firms) interact it provides varying levels of complexity. Often clients and candidates experience disappointment through a series of communication breakdowns.

What can go wrong is likely to go wrong unless an agreed and well defined hiring process is in place. 3X Partners have developed a hiring framework  that can be easily integrated into each clients hiring process that delivers outcomes and provides timely, transparent communication that results in a branded experience that is different, yet consistent.


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Suite 305, Level 3, The Grafton Building, 201 Kent Street
Sydney , NSW 2000

P: +612 9066 5513
E: enquiries@3xpartners.com

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