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RPO Focused Tech Recruiter | Offshore

LISTED: 26/06/2020 / SYDNEY / PERMANENT / FULL TIME / Salary: NA / REFERENCE: 3129781

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  • A structured training program & on the job training from the Founder himself !
  • Become a world class sourcer / recruiter adopting process excellent
  • A business that does things different - Digital Platform launch / automation
Bad boss + bad job = nightmare
Bad boss + good job = barely tolerable
Good boss + bad job = tolerably bearable
Good boss + good job = The DreamTM

You might be wondering why I'm about to bang on about sales, problem solving, consulting - walk with me.

Key things you'll be doing in the role:
  1. Phone, VC (TEAMS, Zoom etc) ''pitching & screening'' of candidates - Key word, "pitching" aka. Selling aka Problem Solving.
  2. Join virtual client meetings to understand our unique requirement capture method - Arguably, sales (you gotta know what you're selling right?). Show off your advisory / consulting skills here too.
  3. Creating brilliant, stand out job ads or emails that get noticed - Marketing… which leads to… you guessed it, sales. More problem solving. No?
  4. Create EVP's and marketing campaigns that attracts top talent &/or mine our ATS/CRM - See above.
  5. Create marketing campaigns to engage new clients &/or pull the ''oil out the well'' ermm, I mean CRM - See above.
  6. BD (calls, meetings) - $ revenue generation if you're game &/or experienced - Nuff said.
  7. Developing your own client base. Or just piggyback the MD's network. He's a 20-year vet with bags of energy that'll make you feel dizzy at first - Dad jokes a plenty too, but who doesn't love a dad joke?
  8. Training | Training | and more Training - Gotta sharpen the axe, right?
  9. Proactive approach to finding / maintaining a pipeline of candidates/clients - Filling your sales pipeline, der.
  10. Marketing projects | Events & PR | Herding Cats - You know, the usual stuff.
Okay so now that I've sold you on the job (case in point), let's talk about you… and me… let's talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be… let's talk abouuuut s3x. Oh, you don't know that song?

I digress. Here's the deal i.e. a little more about you:

You'll have 1-2 years+ experience in a B2B sales driven / KPI environment - I will ask for specifics, you've been warned. If you're aware or experienced in '*sophisticated selling', 'insight selling', 'challenger sale' concepts etc, damn we need to chat !
*Hey if you think I'm making this up, Harvard / HBR explain it better than me; |

2) Talent pipelining, talent mapping, talent identification. You guessed it, an innate ability to spot & assess talent. Your assessment / interviewing skills are impressive and yet still you want to learn more in this area.

3) Target start date: July / August onwards (lots of flex)

4) Laughing is a mandatory skill; you must. Grit, Courage, Curious too? Daaayamm you're hired!

We are about to launch a new line of business (underpinned by a bleeding digital platform) that will change the dynamic of our operations and it's time to speak to people before we embark on a growth strategy.

3X Partners has remained purposely lean and nimble however that's about to change as we reposition our firms offering and bring new products & services to the market.

We are building a CoE (Centre of Excellence) and we want you to OWN the candidate side of recruiting (initially) to free up the *Founder/Team so we can concentrate 'on' transforming the business into a 'full stack talent advisory firm'. We also want you to take over existing accounts and develop new ones.

You'll get awesome training from some of the best operators in the industry.

Look, I can't fit everything in a job ad but I can send you the JD and an outline of what success looks like after you apply. Just remind us ;-)

So get in touch.

Ask us whatever you want about the opportunity. Contact *Mark
*Mark is Sydney based
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  • LISTED: 26/06/2020