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SQL Server DBA | Financial Services | CBD

LISTED: 18/03/2020 / SYDNEY / PERMANENT / FULL TIME / Salary: NA / REFERENCE: 3110864

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  • Proud, Passionate, Proactive (but no prima donnas) DBA team
  • Large scale projects - migration, clustering, new data centres etc.
  • Broad responsibilities from admin thru to design, implementation & optimisation
If you could improve your current job as a DBA in any way, what would you change?

I mean, if you worked in a fast-moving sector that afforded you better earning/learning opportunities - say, the finance sector - would that improve it?

I suppose the financial sector is usually quite bureaucratic though, isn't it... fair enough - what if it's not a bank, so you wouldn't be held back by red tape? You could be a bit freer, that way.

Or what if the company you worked for was Sydney-based, but operated globally, and you got to report into some fancy Limeys in London?

And if the company was growing fast? Triple digit percentage growth over the last couple of years, perhaps? That'd sound impressive in front of your friends.

Okay, how about if your colleagues were all awesome? Passionate about what they do, and extremely good at it (like you are), but not in love with themselves?

Where everyone loves the place, wants it to do well, and stays for an average of about 5 years? You'd enjoy your work more, that's for sure...

Oo, or if you got to be part of a broader, data-centric global community within the company?

You know, so you'd have a load of like-minded people, but with different backgrounds and viewpoints, to talk to and learn from?

Or would your current job be better if your bosses/teammates were cooler?

Not cooler like Fonzie, but if they were hands-on, understood your role, and invested in you and your career development? Or, just left you alone?

Like possibilities within database development, BI/data warehousing or supporting a stable Oracle DB environment? *thumbs up* Ayyyy!

How does it sound that you'd have broad responsibilities within your space whilst having high levels of autonomy?

You'd also be involved in the implementation of the SQL environment for 2 new data centres. Lots of project and change work (mostly SQL Server).

The work itself would have to be important as well, wouldn't it? Like important projects, huge system upgrades and new feature development.

Doing the stuff you're good at, like Always On High Availability, performance tuning, encryption, security and general DB work. But also some new stuff like
leveraging functionality in SQL Server / Oracle Enterprise editions to provide solutions to the business - add value while learning, nice!

The little added-value bonus stuff would be a nice icing on the cake as well, don't you think? Like cool offices, next gen BI software, huge investment in upgrades, latest version, project initiatives...

So, if you had to pick one of those things to improve your current job, which one would you pick?

Actually, wait. Don't pick.

Have them all.

I just remembered, there's a job exactly like that.

And they're looking for someone like YOU, someone who's a confident SQL Server/*Oracle DBA, right now.

Sound good? Hit the 'Apply' button.
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Alternatively, you could just not improve your current job in any way. Wouldn't be my choice, but hey...
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