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1. Are your managers and decision makers wasting countless hours reviewing CVs, interviewing mismatches, getting desperate and hiring average people?

2. Do you want to significantly improve your hiring success rate and fill your team with A-players, without overpaying?

3. Are you unintentionally damaging your company’s brand reputation and unable to attract top talent to your business? Do you want to know HOW your competitors are doing it?

4. Are you using 3-4 agents to fill roles so you have wider coverage? Only to find you are getting the wrong candidates and it’s actually taking longer and costing your business more money.

5. Want to work with a true talent advisor who cares about your business and has the expertise and courage to challenge your hiring methods?

If you consistently experience the above issues, want a step change and you’re prepared to work differently,  Become a Client.


When three parties (candidate, hiring managers and search firms) interact it provides varying levels of complexity. Often clients and candidates experience disappointment through a series of communication breakdowns.

What can go wrong is likely to go wrong, unless an agreed and well defined hiring process is in place. 3X Partners have developed a hiring framework that can be easily integrated into each clients hiring process that delivers outcomes and provides timely, transparent communication that results in a branded experience that is different, yet consistent.

Click here to view how 3X Partners fosters partnership and transparency during the hiring process. 

We will challenge your hiring methods, enthusiastically disagree and at times tell you what you might not want to hear. We work relentlessly to find you the perfect fit by adopting forensic assessment and evaluation processes that utilise a combination of the following interview techniques;

Connect & Collaborate with 3X Partners and learn more about how our search and hiring methodologies can significantly improve your quality of hire.

You can also speak to one of our Talent Directors on +612 8046 4888.

Our Services

Contracting / Skilled Project Talent (SOW)

3X Partners provide a simple and cost effective method to outsource your technology resource requirements through the deployment of pre-qualified, pre-selected Technology consultants into your project.

Contingency & Advertised Selection "Sprint"

3X Partners undertakes a Search and Selection method to all contingent "hiring sprints", sourcing candidates from our CRM, social media channels and through established industry networks.

Retained Search

3X Partners Directors have a proven track record in sourcing senior personnel across their core markets in Australia and Asia. The company uses both in-house and external research facilities to undertake full Executive and Management Search on a Global basis.

Third Party Business Introductions & Strategic Alliances

3X Partners Directors have successfully introduced Clients to each other to undertake joint venture / partnership business opportunities. We also assist in vendor selection.